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The most important aspect of choosing cabinets is the type of wood.

There are many different types of wood to choose from for both kitchens and bathrooms. Every type has its own unique look and style. Some of the most popular woods used to build a cabinet are, maple, cherry, birch, alder, and pine. You need to decide if you want a dark, medium, or light color of wood.

Alder is a medium priced wood that stains well giving you a large range of colors to choice from. Alder is especially good if you want a cabinet with a rustic look and feel.

Custom Kitchen CabinetsMaple is also very popular and has a more subtle grain than alder cabinets. Maple is available in creamy light to rich dark shades, providing a wide range of looks for your room.

Cherry cabinets give you an elegant look and feel. The Cherry wood grain is very pronounced. Cherry wood is available in medium toned reddish colors to very dark browns..

Denver Custom Cabinets Birch wood cabinets can range in colors from light cream to reddish-brown. and very popular because the wood features small knots with a smooth, fine grain and even texture. Cabinets made from birch also work well in traditional style rooms with classic, neutral paint colors.

The kitchen is the first place a buyer looks when shopping for a home. A newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom will add value to your home. If you are not planning on selling any time soon then you will be able to enjoy your newly renovated home for years to come.

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Denver’s Best Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom cabinets you choose are very important in creating a new bathroom look and feel.

Custom Bathroom CabinetsWhen planning a remodel you will need to establish priorities based on your family’s needs. You need to determine function verses style and how they can mix. The style, size, and color of the bathroom cabinets should match that of the rest of the bathroom & the tub, shower & tile. Our goal is to offer the best Bathroom Cabinets in Denver.

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